Due to the Fast Turn Around Rate, we may not have everyone listed, if someone is missing please Feel free to message the page.  Thank you For your understanding!

Now Known As

Congratulations to "Venus" on scoring an amazing home with the Equine Rescue and Sanctuary "Hanaeleh" in Orange County, CA 


Congratulations to Grace ! 

We Helped assist her former owner in adopting and retraining, and Grace was then, eventually Abandoned and then surrendered to us, who we happily rehomed to an UHHMAZING FAMILY <3 

Everything happens for a reason, and we wish her family all the best and happy trails!

now Known as "Jesse"

Congratulations to Pay!! 

On scoring an amazing home with Bullseye!! we couldnt be more thrilled for you to have landed such an amazing home <3


Bastile Now Known as

​Who doesnt love The Mountains ??

​Ever Post an Ad and when it comes time to meeting with someone - You just FEEL THE NEED to do a complete background and criminal check on them and do about 50million references and character checks?

​What? just me??

​WELL - Funny thing. Just when I thought I had the upper hand - the potential home does a 180 and decides to investigate me first... LOL !!

​well, howdy doody!

​we honestly, couldnt be more pleased with the Bullseye's new home! Seriously, we are ecstatic!!


​Congratulations to his new home and new family!
​we look forward to the many updates to come <3

​~ Piper ~

​Exchange Pony


Piper was finally back in her Loving home where she belonged all along.

​We couldnt have been more Pleased with her progress here with us and looked forward to all of her updates in the years to come!

​Our condolences go to her owner! someone, who never gave up hope **

Kirek Now Known as

Congratulations to her new Owner Lovie. We couldnt be more entralled to learn that she intends to use Raja as her own Clinton Anderson boot camp project!! woooohoooooo!!!

​You go Girls!!!


Lilly was a rescue turned princess turned SCORED !! 

Congratulations to her new family, The Petroff's!!


Congratulations to the Douthit Family!

Otis was a 20yr old MFT with Cushings and Feet that GO!!! 

It was awesome when Angela came along and decided to adopt Otis and make him hers!! 

we are so happy for them both! 

​Happy Trails!

  : Adopted in 2016
 Check out these hunks of monk that were succesfully adopted in 2016


​​Congratulations to The Ortiz Family on your purchase of Apollo.

​We look forward to seeing him in the local Arena's and out on Trail doing everything he was meant to be!

​Apollo was a rescue from Reno, NV who got lost in the shuffle of "Life" and made his treck to California for Training.

​He was Released to RSS and we found him an appropriate home right up the road.... wooooopie! and fist pump for this guy!

​we couldnt be more smitten with his New family and home. Thanks Jr!


​Our Hearts go out to The Oluvic Family !

​Rest In Peace Pickle


​To Read More About Scarlett:​ 


What had started as an attempt to help a horse... Turned into so so much more...

​From Being rejected from Ontario Livestock Auction due to poor body score in October 2015...

To being sold to a homless family... 
​To being fed discarded produce, up until April of 2016 -Then moving in with us, and eventually "her Kids" Moved in with us as well.... To being abandoned here with us....

​It has been one heck of an emotional roller coaster for us since July 2016 -
​so much so - that it was time for her to find her forever home.

​Im so incredibly happy to announce Scarlett has found her Forever place with the Epperson Family!

​Congratulations to one and all!!!! This was a win - win for everyone.

​happy pasture-roamings! XOXO


#HiCaliber Graycee was Rescued from The known local, Meat Auction; Ontario Livestock Auction in August 2016...

​Graycee came here for to complete her Quarantine and to Decompress before her long trek to Idaho, where her forever home awaited her...  upon arrival, we found she had broken ribs, a fractured sinus cavity and fracture skull, accompanied by sveral puncture wounds and rope burns (ontop of her 3 brands)... Graycee was a distrusting mess... but her new family saw hope...

​Congratulations to The Smith Family on their Adoption of Graycee! we are so happy for you!! and cannot wait for the updated photos!


Congratulations to the Horstman Family!!

​Owen was rescued From The Ontario Livestock Auction, in San Bernardino, CA at just a day old with his emblicial cord still attached.

We couldnt be happier, that he hit the Jack Pot with his own fam!


Congratulations to The Kramer Family on your new family member!

​#HiCaliberKira Was once at The Ontario Livestock Auction, but found her self in the hands of a known Killbuyer... her lucked turned around when HiCaliber Horse Rescue stepped up and Bought her from her unknown fate...

Kira spent 4+ months with us to begin her under saddle work and start tracking down her milage out on trail... we couldnt be happier with her new mom..

Happy Trails Girls!

Rocky And Bullwinkle

Congratulations to the Hawthorne Family!

​Who doesnt love New born saved bucklings Saved from The Meat Auction????

May they always be together... in trouble and OUT!


Congratulations to Chase!! 
well, he was the lucky one after all, right?

Chase was found in the middle of no where next to a huge hay field, late at night at barely even 4-5 weeks old...

Bareley able to eat solids with his little toofers, and covered in fleas and a wormy belly we got him on the right track, And the Phelps Kids came on in and CLAIMED him as one of their own.... yay for happy endings!


The Phelps Family strikes again!!

Once they heard of ResSolution Stables taking on a homeless family and their animals... They stepped up to save the day!

among many atributes... They contributed to adopting The Families Bunny..... lo and behold, a short time later?

BABY BUNNIES ARRIVED !!! Ekkk..... Congrats to all! and all have since then, been SPAYED AND NEUTERED!! yay!!!