Riding Lessons

We provide Lessons from Beginner to novice Amateur status. If you know nothing at all.... we have you covered! If you're the seasoned pro and want a mount to show on, we have what you need. Western, English, Bitless or hitting the Trails... we have it. Everyone is welcome... First Lesson is Free.
1 time only lesson : $55
Lessons, once every week (minimum one month): $30 each
Shows to be determined based on Level or open


We are NOT a public facility. However, we do have out door stalls and small turn outs available. While we do welcome those who need soft landings, our Boarders are private affiliates and we reserve the right to refuse boarding services to anyone.

Equine Training

Have a problem Child? abused? WILD?
We offer a select amount of Training when approached. Again, we are NOT a public facility, but will take on Clients privately.
we offer from the ground to the finished show pro training.
 we do offer onsite, trailer in, and off site cases.
 and 25%  o​ff all horses adopted from a 501c(3)
HERE for our current Rates.

Dog Training

​Do you own the Worlds worse dog? does he dig. bark. bite. cant be house or crate trained? is she "Dog and/or human" aggressive?
While we do NOT believe everyone or everything can be saved or fixed (though, we certainly do try and wont give up easily), we can offer you some helpful tips and tricks to get you through you and your companions longevity...and if we cant help, we aint scurred to refer you to someone who can!
We mainly help Dog Rescues throughout San Diego and Riverside County with the behavioral-ethu-listed dogs from shelters and help them build back their confidence and appropriately rehome them when able.

Rehome /Repurpose Program

Do you ever see that one Craigslist ad that says "Free to good home" and find out that said animal has a million things wrong? OR how about that One "friend" who Dumps that one dog at your house???  -Some people just suck, RIGHT??
Here, we take the banged up, broken down, dying, ill, misplaced, damaged souls and do what we can such as finding Medical Treatment and/or Training and work tirelessly in finding them their FOREVER HOME.
Just Contact us and ask us HOW!

Rescue Help

We Pride ourselves in helping those who need help.
 Although we, are not everyone's #1 Fan, we don't give a flying Rip and we support those; who help those in need. No matter who you are. what you do. we want to be there to back your cause.
we currently have 2 Equine Sanctuary Guests, as well as several Dogs that are in for training... if you're a rescue and need help with a service that we provide, please contact us and see what our discounted rates are !


Summer Camp is Available during the Months of June - August
Learn how to Care for Animals, Ride Horses and Grow food in a Garden. 
 We have weekly Guest seminars for the kids from different animal professionals, kids learn team building skills, leadership traits, and responsibility all while having fun, & staying cool.
M - F 8am -5pm  (before and after times available for additional fee)
Rates start at $40 a day
Weekly: $200   

Livestock Sales

We specialize in the premium breeds of Poultry (such as chickens and Turkeys), Swine, Sheep, Goats and Bovine.
We offer seasonal offspring, breeding rights and yearly meat sales.
Our breeds of choice are Broad Breasted, Bourbon Red, boilers, Yorkshire, Hampshire, Suffolk, Pigmy, Charolaise and Angus.... We have plenty of other breeds available here and there, but those are our specifics.

Stay Tuned as we UPDATE the site!! Contact us if you have an Inquiry NOW.